About Jason

Jason was raised by a single mother and grew up on the east side of Atlanta with his extended family. In 2001, Jason graduated from our public schools to attend Denison University, earning a degree in education and eventually returning home to Georgia where he worked as a forklift driver in an IBEW union shop.

In 2006, Jason sought to build a better future for his family and he joined the military as a reconnaissance officer at the height of the Iraq War. Jason Dozier served with distinction in the United States Army, earning a Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medal during his tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After serving his country, Jason returned home to Georgia to earn his Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from the University of Georgia, Master’s degree in Real Estate from Georgia State University. Currently, Dozier oversees operations for Hire Heroes USA — a nonprofit dedicated to helping military members, veterans, and their spouses find and secure employment.

Although Dozier’s record touts decades of service to his community and country, none of his commitments compare to his top priority: being a dad to infant daughter Rayna, whom he and wife Claire adopted in 2020.

Jason is a 2015 alumnus of LEAD Atlanta, a 2016 Political Partner with the Truman National Security Project, a 2016 New Leaders Council Fellow, and a 2016 Atlanta Business Chronicle 40 Under 40 honoree.

Fighting for Mechanicsville and Neighborhood Planning Unit V

For five years, Jason served as Vice President for the Mechanicsville Civic Association, where he oversaw many of the neighborhood’s efforts to keep families safe and in their homes.

Mechanicsville has one of the lowest life expectancies in metro Atlanta, and Jason has fought tirelessly to reverse this, working to clean up the neighborhood and make it a safe place for our kids and our seniors.

As members of the Dunbar Elementary School PTA, Jason and his wife Claire have partnered with the school over the years to help improve outcomes for kids in the neighborhood. This includes helping Dunbar start a bike club for its kids from scratch and helping to expand its Safe Routes to School program.

Fighting Displacement

Jason served as the spokesperson for the Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition, organizing with neighbors, business owners, and faith leaders to ensure that our communities had a seat at the table. Jason helped take our fight to City Hall, demanding that city leaders condition the sale of Turner Field on a legally-binding community benefits agreement.

While the Coalition wasn’t successful in getting a Community Benefits Agreement signed, through Jason’s help and support, the Coalition was able to get the City of Atlanta to designate $5 million to support projects and activities that benefit the communities surrounding Turner Field

Fighting for Safe Streets

As a bike commuter and MARTA rider, Jason has been fighting tirelessly for safe streets in Atlanta for nearly a decade. Jason has fought to get streets repaved in communities across southwest Atlanta so that our roadways are safe for our kids and our seniors. 

Jason’s advocacy has directly led to the creation of two new bus routes: the #832 which connects West End to East Atlanta through Mechanicsville, and the #40 which connects West End to Midtown through Downtown.

Jason served on the boards of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and Advance Atlanta, two organizations focused on expanding safe, equitable transportation access. Through his work with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Jason helped the organization transition its mission from cycling advocacy to a broader focus around the urgent need for safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. 

As a board member with Advance Atlanta, Jason worked on campaigns to expand transit into Gwinnett County, which would have opened up more job opportunities and economic resources to Atlanta residents.

Fighting to Stop Flooding in Our Communities

Jason leads the Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council, an organization working to reverse decades of environmental injustice impacting the residents of our south Atlanta communities. Through ICCSC, Jason has been working to restore, revitalize, and protect the ecological health of the Intrenchment Creek Watershed Basin through the lens of equity and is actively working to fight displacement and flooding.

Jason has always believed that with climate change and global warming, extreme storm events will be more common, making our need to capture runoff much more urgent. We are experiencing more frequent, longer-lasting, and heavier rain events at the same time that we are experiencing more development means more stormwater runoff. We need legislation that recognizes this reality.

Jason has also always believed that developers ought to work with communities and not become the catalysts of destruction and devastation that alter the fabric of what makes our communities so special in the first place. We need to be partners, not adversaries, and opposing legislation that benefits our neighbors sets us on a path towards conflict.

Fighting for Our Nation's Veterans

For eight years, Jason has helped lead a national non-profit organization focused on veteran employment across America. Jason has been a thought-leader in the veteran employment space, partnering with organizations across the country to help ensure veterans and their families have access to good-paying jobs.

Jason has traveled extensively across the country, working to help veterans write resumes, practice interviewing, learn to network, and translate their military skills into civilian employment opportunities