Business Coalition Rates Jason Dozier Best-Qualified in District 4 Race

ATLANTA—The Committee for a Better Atlanta (CBA) rated Jason Dozier as the best-qualified candidate to represent District 4 for Atlanta City Council. Dozier also received the second highest score out of the 61 candidates vying for a City Council seat this year.

CBA is a nonpartisan coalition comprised of representatives from business and civic organizations. Their core responsibility is to articulate a common agenda to assist Atlanta’s policymakers. To accomplish this, CBA informs voters by providing information on candidates and rating them through a vetting process which includes questionnaires and in-person interviews.

“I am truly honored to know that Atlanta’s business community has validated our vision for Atlanta,” Dozier stated. “We’re working hard to bring a community-based agenda back to City Hall, and we’re glad to know that voters have a clear choice when they go to the polls on Election Day.”

With elections in just over a month, Dozier has proven to be the most qualified candidate to represent Atlanta’s District 4. To see other candidates scores for the City of Atlanta political races, visit

To learn more about Dozier’s campaign platforms, visit

Jason served as a reconnaissance officer in the United States Army for six years where he earned the Bronze Star Medal and the Army Commendation Medal resulting from his service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Jason is a proud combat veteran who remains active in several veterans groups, including the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Veterans for American Ideals. Jason also works as a director at Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit empowering veterans and military spouses to find employment after transitioning from their time in service.


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