Jason’s Agenda for City Hall

“It’s time to bring a new community-based agenda to City Hall. It’s an agenda that fully addresses increasing affordable housing in our communities. It’s an agenda that focuses on making real progress in making our communities safe. It’s an agenda that ensures that our government is open and accountable again. It’s an agenda that ensures that our neighborhoods aren’t separated by highways and by railroads and all of our citizens are connected to the rest of the region. It’s an agenda that recognizes that protecting our environment is linked to protecting our homes and our health.

To often we hear “no” from City Hall. No, we won’t reveal the recipients of massive corporate welfare development deals using taxpayer money and taxpayer-owned property. No, we won’t post our spending online. No, we won’t require a Community Benefits Agreement. No, we won’t consult the NPU’s before building parking decks or making decisions about Underground Atlanta.

As our next City Councilmember I will fight to increase the number of affordable housing units in District 4. I will fight to make our communities safe again. I will fight to create the open, honest and transparent City Council our families and small businesses so richly deserve. And as our next City Councilmember I will be the strongest ally and advocate our neighborhoods have ever had on City Council.”