Increase Liquor License Fees? I Say No!

On October 24th, City Council will vote on revising the ordinance governing liquor licensing, to the tune of tripling the already steep fee for restaurants and bars in Atlanta. In an industry where margins are thin, talent is hard to find, and competition is high, this could be a death blow for many beloved Atlanta small businesses.

As a Member of City Council, I will fight tooth and nail against this change. Atlanta is the capital of hospitality in the southeast, and this would strike a harmful if not fatal blow to many in that industry. From dishwashers to servers to restaurant owners, many of our friends and neighbors in Atlanta will suffer financial harm from this change.

As a patron of our city’s excellent food & beverage scene, I value the contributions these establishments make to our city, and I will fight on their behalf at City Hall. Some of my favorite memories in Atlanta are set in our beloved restaurants from East Atlanta to Midtown, from Buckhead to Mechanicsville, and everywhere in between. I will fight on behalf of small businesses and their employees, and oppose any legislation that would inflict undue or unnecessary punishment on the people that feed, serve, and host us.







EDIT: The Council voted on October 24th to postpone the decision, meaning that if elected, I will be in office when the issue is revisited. Please consider supporting my historic runoff bid with a donation at

We’re the people who don’t just support progressive change

We’re the people who don’t just support progressive change

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