Winslow Should Denounce Corruption at City Hall

Atlanta City Council Candidate Jason Dozier Continues to Challenge Cleta Winslow to Denounce the Atlanta City Hall Corruption Scandal

Atlanta, Georgia –  February 6, 2017  Two weeks ago, Elvin R. Mitchell, Jr., a local Atlanta construction company owner, pleaded guilty to charges related to his involvement with the bribery of City of Atlanta officials intended to obtain contracts from the city. Last week, new revelations have implicated C.P. Richards Construction in this misconduct. A subpoena was issued to the owner of the company, which was the beneficiary of $10 million in payments from the City of Atlanta over five years.

This recent controversy has drawn renewed attention to ensuring that our elected representatives consistently act in the best interest of our city. The City of Atlanta still has not released records related to this scandal to the news media, and Atlanta City Councilmember Cleta Winslow has yet to issue a statement absolving herself from having any role in this wrongdoing.

Jason Dozier, a candidate for Atlanta City Council challenging Councilmember Winslow stated, “I have never taken money from Elvin Mitchell, nor have I ever had any business dealings with C.P. Richards Construction. I don’t know whether Councilmember Winslow has or has not, because she hasn’t said anything about the issue. Her silence is deafening. The people of District 4 and the City of Atlanta deserve to know where our officials stand on the matter.”

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