Dozier Continues to Top Fundraising Expectations

Atlanta, Georgia – April 10, 2017  Jason Dozier, an Atlanta native, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, and community activist continues to be the top fundraiser in the highly contentious race for Atlanta City Council District 4. Dozier reported raising $51,876.04 on his March 2017 campaign financial disclosure. That is more than all of the other 11 candidates combined, including incumbent Cleta Winslow who has raised $14,248 thus far. In addition to being the top fundraiser this period, Dozier has raised more than any of Winslow’s previous competitors in her 23 years on City Council.

“This has been an extremely humbling and amazing experience,” the Mechanicsville homeowner said. “We’ve focused our campaign on core issues surrounding affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and transparent government, and that message has clearly resonated with our supporters. We certainly look forward to engaging each and every voter across the district over the next seven months.”

Jason Dozier is an Atlanta native and lives in the Mechanicsville community with his wife, Claire. He earned his Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Georgia and currently works as a director at Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit empowering veterans and military spouses to find employment after transitioning from their time in service. Jason served in the Army as a reconnaissance officer, earning the Bronze Star Medal and the Army Commendation Medal as a result of his service overseas. In addition to his professional work with veterans, Jason serves as a community advocate in the Mechanicsville neighborhood and in Neighborhood Planning Unit V.

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