Jason is running for City Council to make our streets, safe streets. I’m running to make our communities, safe communities. Jason is running for City Council to ensure that we preserve the institutions that made our neighborhoods so special in the first place. Jason is running to keep Atlanta, Atlanta, and to ensure that all Atlantans have access to our newfound prosperity and a seat at the table.

Jason is fighting to:

  • Make our streets safe by prioritizing people over cars; Jason believes that slow streets are safe streets, and he will make sure the city invests in policies that will move Atlantans safely
  • Preserve access to quality affordable housing in District 4 and beyond; Jason believes we must both reform onerous zoning requirements to expand housing choices and expand funding for land banks or community land trusts in order to keep housing options affordable
  • Preserve Atlanta’s culture, institutions, and history by protecting its residents, businesses, and structures
  • Ensure Atlanta maintains resiliency in the face of climate change; this means investing in green infrastructure to better manage stormwater and addressing flooding in our communities by ensuring developers are partners and not adversaries
  • Aggressively address the glut of abandoned and blighted properties by holding absentee owners and investors accountable