Jason Dozier Qualifies as Candidate for Atlanta City Council District 4

ATLANTA—Mechanicsville homeowner, activist, and Army combat veteran Jason Dozier has officially qualified to appear on the ballot as a candidate for Atlanta City Council District 4. Community members, supporters and neighborhood advocates gathered at Atlanta City Hall Tuesday, August 22 to join Dozier as he finalized his qualifying status.

“I am proud to be a native of Atlanta, Georgia; I am proud to be a product of the public school systems; I am proud to be a husband and homeowner in the Mechanicsville community; I am a proud United States combat veteran,” said Dozier. “And I am proud to be our candidate for Atlanta City Council District 4!”  

Though a native of Atlanta, Dozier has lived in the city for the past five years after having returned from six years of military service, which included combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. As a community activist and as a director at a national non-profit organization, Dozier understands the importance of advocating for Atlanta’s most vulnerable citizens. Dozier’s determination and commitment to running a campaign where communities and neighborhoods come first has been a driving factor.

Dozier’s campaign has largely focused on addressing three major issues. Dozier says that he is committed to “making sure all Atlantans have access to affordable housing in the city; making sure all Atlantans can be safe and that we are taking care of our first responders the same way they have taken care of us; and that I will make sure we have the most open and honest government at City Hall that we’ve ever seen.”

Dozier remains an active member in his neighborhood of Mechanicsville where he works towards ensuring equitable outcomes for community members.

To learn more about the Jason Dozier for District 4 campaign, please visit http://votedozier.com.


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